Commodities Brokerage Exchange

Our Investor Customer

It is an attractive investment alternative in a low-risk instruments and short term in a public market, transparent and regulated by the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros (Superintendency of Securities and Insurance, or SVS).

Our business to transact with are:

Discount of Bills with Risk of Registered Payers:

The biller (supplier) can discount up to 100% without responsibility of the solvency of those payers (customers) that are registered and authorized by the SVS and the Board of Directors of the Commodity Exchange of Chile.

Inventory Funding (REPO’S):

With the approval of a line of credit through our brokerage firm, the farmer or stockbreeder can obtain working capital by emitting Securities on their agricultural products and that are traded via the REPO’S system. These operations correspond to the sale in cash, by the producer, of an agricultural product (wheat, maize, rice, wine, cattle), represented in Securities, with a forward repurchase agreement together.


  • Alternative for investments in fixed income, in a public, regulated and transparent market.
  • On average spread is between 20 and 25 bps over TAB.
  • Investments of company stock previously classified by the SVS.
  • Sufficient liquidity to be able to sell before expiry date.
  • Possibility of direct custody of stock on behalf of “BdeP” (Similar to DCV).
  • Delivery of certificates.

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