Investment in furniture and real-estate sector

Leasing is a financial service that provides financing for the growth of your company and resources to invest in its existing and new businesses, expand and renew itself.

In Tanner we have an extensive financing terms, ranging from 12 to 240 months in real-estate and 12 to 60 months in the furniture sector. Consolidates your projects and investments in capital goods, increase your competitiveness and improve your business or professional activity. Also, in Tanner we have a team of experts to advise our customers.

Our main customers are small and medium enterprises related to the construction, transportation and mining.  


  • Nationwide coverage through all Tanner branches.
  • Dynamicity in the approval of operations and swift in the financing process.
  • Comprehensive service, funding up to 100% of the value of the equipment, machinery or real-estate, including insurance, operating costs, legal costs and notaries.
  • Tax benefits, through a lease the entire sum of the rent paid is considered an expense, thus diminishing the tax base and therefore allowing you to benefit from reducing the taxable profits if your company pays “first category” tax.
  • The funding is determined on net values, therefore there is no interest payment to be paid over the IVA (Impuesto sobre el Valor Agregado, or Value Added Tax), offering a saving benefit.
  • 4% of the total of the contract is a tax credit against the “first category” tax (this benefit is available for capital goods, not property).
  • Total insurance of the good over the duration of the contract.
  • Not imposable to stamp and seal duties.
  • If the goods to be leased are imported, Tanner Leasing Division takes care of the whole process in the best conditions.
  • Flexibility in the structure of the operation and terms of currency (UF, US$, $).
  • Multiple product options.
  • Fixed, variable or differential income.
It's time for growth.
Grow with us.

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