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Since its inception, Tanner has been characterized by continuous innovation in products and services, both domestically and internationally. In 1924, the British citizen Herbert J. Tanner and Don Benjamin Villaseca created Tanner & Cía. Stockbrokers, participating as a member of the Santiago Stock Exchange that year.

Since the 90s, in Chile the factoring industry started developing, and under the name of Bifactoring S.A., Tanner was formed by the principal shareholders of what was the Banco BHIF (in 1993) and participates actively in the foundation of the Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Factoring A.G. (Chilean Association of Factoring Companies or ACHEF). Also, we have successfully developed international factoring since 1996, being the leader in Chile in this service.

Having started activities as a factoring company, in 2004 we established the Car Loan Division and the first broker on Chile’s Commodities Exchange, in late 2007 we created the Leasing Division. In 2010 we invests in Gestora Tanner SpA, in order to expand our scope of securities brokerage and investment funds. The following year, we formed an Insurance Brokerage to attend our portfolio of car loans and offer insurance to all ourcustomers.

In December 2011, FactorLine takes name of Tanner Servicios Financieros for its new diversification in the portfolio of products offered to the market. Since the creation of Bifactoring S.A., then FactorLine S.A., today Tanner Servicios Financieros S.A. it’s the largest non-bank credit institution of Chile, with a leadership position in the segment of small and medium enterprises.

We have a strong track record in the financial industry, and we are:

  • Member of Factors Chain International (FCI).
  • Member of the Asociación Chilena de Leasing (Chilean Association of Leasing, or ACHEL).
  • Member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).
  • Member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
  • Member of the Chilean Electronic Stock Exchange (since 2012).

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