Find the car insurance you need with us at the most affordable price. We will protect you against any loss or unforeseen event that may happen to you and your vehicle, such as a car crash, a car theft, injury to occupants, damages to third parties in both physically and to their properties in case of vehicular accidents.

With tanner and Full Car Insurance you can obtain the following coverage:

  • Property damage
  • Burglary, theft or unauthorized use
  • CR for consequential damages
  • CR for non-material damage
  • CR for loss of profit
  • CR for own load
  • CR for dependant drivers
  • Theft of accessories
  • Strikes and terrorism
  • Malicious acts
  • Hail and other natural hazards
  • Earthquake
  • Vehicle assistance solution
  • Exclusive mechanic workshop
  • O km compensation

Additional insurance

In addition to the Full Car Insurance we have 3 types of additional insurances with excellent benefits for our customers, which are:

* Payment Protection Insurance: Pay the full credit to the policyholder’s death.

* Unemployment Insurance: Covers up to 4 installments per event as a result of costumer’s job loss.

* Life Insurance: Gives to the heirs the same amount of initial funding to the policyholder’s death.

Quote, choose and take out insurance with us

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