Correspond to private entities’ representative titles of obligations, States or Central Banks, all foreign, issued and sold to the public in order to obtain resources to finance the assets of the issuer. Through these instruments, the issuer acquires the commitment to repay the capital on a specified date and also undertakes an annual interest payment higher than the owed capital.

This product is aimed at customers looking for an alternative form of savings, since profitability is known in advance if you decide to keep the investment until the agreed due or date; or investment,  if you decide to speculate on the price variation of such instruments. To invest in these products the customer must open an investment and a custody account abroad through Tanner Stock Exchange Brokers S.A.

Risk: The risks associated with investing in international fixed income instruments refer to the probability that the issuer of the instrument fails to meet its payment obligations (interests or capital), that is, to go into default; if the client decides to sell the instrument before its expiration date, the selling price (market) may be different from the initial (purchase price) depending on the level at which interest rates are; As being instruments denominated in foreign currencies, their value will fluctuate according to behavior of the parity of the currency issued with regard to the Chilean peso; and there are debt instruments in which the issuer has the right to pay in advance (in pre-established dates and prices) its capital and interests commitments and can impact customer profitability.

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